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Welcome to Five Towns Lock and Key
At Five Towns Lock and Key we provide you with exceptional locksmith service that caters to your own personal security needs.

Shabbos lock special going on now thru 6/15/2016

ONLY- $245!

Brands we install include:
U.S. Lock

We install Shabbos/Combination locks.

-Residential locksmith services

-Commercial Locksmith Services

High security door knobs- No need to worry about intruders using a credit card or other picking devices to force your lock open. Using top of the line knobs and latches we make it nearly impossible to allow any type of unauthorized access.

Dead Bolt- For the extra security and peace of mind you may want to install a dead bolt. These heavy duty devices are great for securing sheds, server rooms and other areas that require top of the line security.

MagLock-This is another high security type lock that can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. This lock uses an electro-magnet that can be locked/unlocked instantly to allow foot traffic in highly populated areas flow much more smoothly.

Access Control- All of the above devices can be integrated into an access control system for use in a more commercial environment. This will allow for users to access rooms using card readers, eye scanners or Fingerprint readers. Users can be broken down by groups, each of whom only have access to specific doors. Rules can be set to trigger alarm, snap pictures or limit access to only specified predetermined times.



We service Far Rockaway 11691, the Rockaways 11692, Lawrence 11559, Cedarhurst 11516, Woodmere 11596, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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